Friday, November 6, 2009


Woodstock, Monterrey. When I told my husband I wanted to name my children like that, he probably thought he made the wrong decision marrying such a crazy chick. Festivals are probably a music experience everyone should have at least 10times in a life. Hum, Montreux Jazz Festival, G├╝rten Festival, Paleo Festival, Glastonbury (2x), Isle of Wight, Coachella, Rock en Seine. 8 times. Pretty Good. But it isn't over yet my friend. Don't underestimate the supa dupa music junkie in me.

In my opinion, best festival to attend are british ones, those are where I really felt the inner spirit of festivals: peaceful attitude, fashion craziness, AA, junky junk food, wellies for my muddy and above all...MUSIC my friends.

BTW, one of the best souvenir I had in a festival was JAY Z gig, in Glastonbury. He totally nailed it. That was ridiculous. Ridiculooooouuuuuuuuus.

I m mad, sad and depressed because I didn't get tix for this year edition. So whoever you are, if you got tix and can't make it....drop me an email ;-)