Monday, October 19, 2009


Yes, it can maybe sound cheezay, but I don't give a sh*/&, my wedding day HAD TO be one of the greatest day of my life.
I m lucky, I have a husband who has been hum...a SUPERHERO. I ve been everything but a girl that someone could ever dream to marry. Yes I ve been a total psycho!
I had like 8 months to plan everything and I m kinda professional bitchy-perfectionist.HAHAHAHA

To make a long story short...

We've ended up getting married in an industrial art space called Smack Mellon. Our friends/family traveled all the way from overseas. We had street performers, kid performers and a killer DJ.
And yes, thank God...I had a dream wed!

Made to order wedding dress, designed by the lovely Delphine Manivet, in Paris. I wanted a dress that could get shorter for the second part of the reception...It was tough, but the designer who is absolutely adorable, figured it out...
The shoes are "Carnival" by Christian Louboutin, which I found last minute, at the meatpacking boutique. There were runway shoes, so I had it for a great price.
The hairstyle has been made by Stacy Pitt. I wanted a retro glam style. She is so sweet and talented! I LOVE her tattoos, she's a rockstar, yeah.
Laura Nadeau was in charge with the make up. She's a comedian and she really knows how to take your stress away and make you laugh really hard. Loved her, she did a amazing job.
Maid of honour/bridesmaids/flowergirls: Since the color scheme for the decoration was green/pink/brown, I chose the girls outfit according to it.

Most of the guests were coming from overseas, so I wanted them to really feel the vibe of New York city. The venue was an industrial art space located in DUMBO with breathtaking views of Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridge. I wanted the whole wedding to express what the city is: cosmopolite, edgy, eclectic...The urban jungle! Shout out to Economy Candy in the L.E.S where I found everything I needed for my Candy Bar!

And finally...Music! Oh yes music! That was certainly one of the most important point to me.
DJ Mustachio, who works for Academy Records in East Village was the first performer! He s been spinning some dope soul/funk/rnb songs from the 60's-70's while we were havving dinner, and that was sooo good!
The street performers were artists I met randomly throughout the city and underground. Jah stix, Jibran, Paul Brown. That mini concert was absolutely fantastic.
Then, there was my special crush...Those little girls are the cutest thing ever! I ve discovered them at LL Cool J concert at Nokia Theater, there were performing with a young female rapper, Nicolette. I was totally mesmerized by their performance, and having them dancing at my wedding was a real honour! Oh, and like me...they just loved the candy bar :-)
For the last part of the evening we had one of the best DJ I ve known. The young, cute and talented Jesse Marco! I first saw him djing at 1OAK and I danced my a$* off the whole night. I totally forgot the killer heels I was wearing and just enjoyed the way he told a story with music. I had to have this DJ for my wedding. I gave him a playlist with the songs I really wanted him to play, but I could have give him nothing, he would have turn everything upside down no matter what...

Thursday, October 15, 2009


I may have mentioned it earlier...or not? Whatever... My three main sources of inspiration are: Music (of course), Fashion (yes) and...the incredible COUNTRY (yes,it's a country to me) of New York Citry (ok ok...too much).

It was love at first sight. Real love, you know the one Mary J. is talkin about!Seriously, the city was mine, rightaway. Since then, I try my best to go back to The Citry at least once a year.

I even got married there....Yes!We tied the knot in Brooklyn,at the Smack Mellon (art gallery). I ve organized the wedding around the source of inspiration mentioned above and we had A BLAST...i'll post the pictures later on.

Last but not the least... Being far away from the city I love is everything but easy. But I m not complaining bout the life I m living. I m married with a man I love and I can meet my family. on a regular basis. However, I think something is missing in Switzerland right now...First letter is N and last is either k. New York State of mind....In Geneva! Fashion, art and music for your entertainment. My new project, stay tuned.

Friday, October 9, 2009


Money can't buy hapiness right? Indonesian people know it very well. Unfortunately, poverty is totally common there but they won't let it take the smile away from their beautiful faces.

The impact music can have on people is absolutely staggering. During my trip to my native country, I ve used my best friend, which is my iPod, to make people I ve randomly met, to listen to some music. On the playlist: N.E.R.D, JAY Z, WEST COAST RAPPERS, AND BUNCH OF ROCKSTARS. Then, I asked them to pose and do the sign of their favorite artists... One of the greatest and funniest time of my life. Nerd sign was so tricky for them to do!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Music Consultant for fashion industry

Blog Phenomenon has impressively desecrated the exclusivity of fame so far inteded for elit only. Everyone can now be exposed to millions of internet users without fitting necessarily in the mould of a tyranic editor in chief or an autocratic record company.

That basically means more freedom but also more crap. Whatever...I trust in the natural selection and will read me whoever who wants to read me! I do what I want to do!

Today, I m in the mood for fashion and music. Let me now introduce myself as a Music Consultant for the fashion industry.

Glitter, glamour, obsessions and DUI arrests. A common lexicon that the world of Music and Fashion are passionately sharing.

Kate Moss and her beau, Jamie Hills, Amy is Karl's inspiration, Lily launches her jewelry collection and above all...LiLo becoming Ungaro's artistic consultant.

Some relationships between the two worlds are of course questionnable. Everything is questionnable after all. But similiarities are obvious, bilateral agreements have been ratified and Sex Pistols were not the first.

From now on, I will post my musical selection for various designers. I am going to focus on musical themes for Catwalks, the main target will be to bring together two world that are already very close to each other...This is where the difficulty lies in. "IN THE MIDDLE OF DIFFICULTY LIES OPPORTUNITY" (A.Einstein)