Sunday, September 27, 2009

IRI5 When recycling meets art

One day, a friend of mine told me about Iri5, she knew I would love her art. She wasn't wrong. I immediately fell in love with each of her artworks. I ve been looking for an artwork for months, but either couldn't afford it or like it... I was assuming that Erika's pieces would cost much and was positively surprised when she told me that it wasn't starting at $10'000. Still, I would had to spare a bit, but it was reasonable.

I was visiting her website regularly and one day there was a post mentioning a contest and the winning prize would be one of her artwork. WOW! That was the perfect occasion for me. Let's give a try!

The piece to name was:

I looked at it with attention. And "BLOOMING SOUL" appeared in my mind. A week later, Iri5 told me it was the title she chose. WHAT AN HONOUR!

Come on! An artist. An artist that I admire, has picked one of my suggestion. I was thrilled.... And on top of that...I would get a "custom thank you present" from her.

Anyway, please check her art on and spread the word!

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Saturday, September 26, 2009


Over the last decade, the debate concerning the legitimacy about singer using samples has been raging. Most of them are rappers. Of course, when you are dancing your a*$ off on a song and then you 're told it used a sample of another old're like, W(here)TF is creativity after all?!?!?

The problematic goes beyond that basic observation. Sampling is not about copy-paste. It is about RE-creating.

Sampling music allows to
1- Get to know forgotten artists. (Shame on me...but I forgot how good Tom Brock was)
2- Dance your a*$ off, because after all, when a music is sampled, we assume it s a good one.
3- Appreciate good producers' work. Their musical culture is just so sick! Come on admit it.
4- Get a new game with your friend who like you are music junkies...Guess whose sample it is...

Below are either unexpected or great sampled music, check it out...ECLECTISM IS THE KEY!

- I got a woman RAY CHARLES
sampled by Kanye West in Gold Digger

- Parce que tu crois CHARLES AZNAVOUR
sampled by Blu Cantrell and Sean Paul in Breathe

- Rapture BLONDIE
sampled by KRS ONE in Step into the world

- Cola Bottle Baby EDWIN BIRDSONG
sampled by Daft Punk in Harder, better, faster, stronger

- Stay with me EL DEBARGE
sampled by Biggie in One more chance

- Five to one THE DOORS
sampled by Jay Z in the Takeover

- Boadicea ENYA
sampled by the Fugees in Ready or not

- Under Pressure DAVID BOWIE and QUEEN
sampled by Vanilli Ice in Ice Ice baby

and the list is endless...check out which is an excellent resource.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I don't pretend to be a professional illustrator or producer. But my love for Music and NYC is genuine and led me to imagine a videoclip for Alicia Keys and Jay-Z.

Music is my Muse

I m constantly impressed to see how much people are involved in communicating their opinions and thoughts about their interests.

I can clearly define myself as a technology-dinosaur. No facebook, no bebbo, no hi five...I was totally against those virtual type of lives that could lead someone to finally have no real life! But judging without even knowing is absurd. At that time, there was an incredible buzz around twitter, which I thought was completely useless. What is the point in saying what you are currently doing?

I began to explore it, and finding out that I could find interesting infos on my passion, which is MUSIC. So...I decided to open an account.

Today, I can define my twitter as my mini-blog, because, there are some thoughts I want to share without necessarily needing to develop it into a paragraph.

I've always thought about writing a blog. But I've never felt I could provide an added value to all that was going on on the Blogosphere. Until I hit one of Mrs. Alicia Keys tweet :

So, if Jay and I do vid for Empire state of would you want it to look?

New York City and Music... Inspiration ran rightaway into my mind.

This blog is about what Music inspires me. Music is my Muse, my creative energy.