Saturday, September 26, 2009


Over the last decade, the debate concerning the legitimacy about singer using samples has been raging. Most of them are rappers. Of course, when you are dancing your a*$ off on a song and then you 're told it used a sample of another old're like, W(here)TF is creativity after all?!?!?

The problematic goes beyond that basic observation. Sampling is not about copy-paste. It is about RE-creating.

Sampling music allows to
1- Get to know forgotten artists. (Shame on me...but I forgot how good Tom Brock was)
2- Dance your a*$ off, because after all, when a music is sampled, we assume it s a good one.
3- Appreciate good producers' work. Their musical culture is just so sick! Come on admit it.
4- Get a new game with your friend who like you are music junkies...Guess whose sample it is...

Below are either unexpected or great sampled music, check it out...ECLECTISM IS THE KEY!

- I got a woman RAY CHARLES
sampled by Kanye West in Gold Digger

- Parce que tu crois CHARLES AZNAVOUR
sampled by Blu Cantrell and Sean Paul in Breathe

- Rapture BLONDIE
sampled by KRS ONE in Step into the world

- Cola Bottle Baby EDWIN BIRDSONG
sampled by Daft Punk in Harder, better, faster, stronger

- Stay with me EL DEBARGE
sampled by Biggie in One more chance

- Five to one THE DOORS
sampled by Jay Z in the Takeover

- Boadicea ENYA
sampled by the Fugees in Ready or not

- Under Pressure DAVID BOWIE and QUEEN
sampled by Vanilli Ice in Ice Ice baby

and the list is endless...check out which is an excellent resource.

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