Sunday, September 27, 2009

IRI5 When recycling meets art

One day, a friend of mine told me about Iri5, she knew I would love her art. She wasn't wrong. I immediately fell in love with each of her artworks. I ve been looking for an artwork for months, but either couldn't afford it or like it... I was assuming that Erika's pieces would cost much and was positively surprised when she told me that it wasn't starting at $10'000. Still, I would had to spare a bit, but it was reasonable.

I was visiting her website regularly and one day there was a post mentioning a contest and the winning prize would be one of her artwork. WOW! That was the perfect occasion for me. Let's give a try!

The piece to name was:

I looked at it with attention. And "BLOOMING SOUL" appeared in my mind. A week later, Iri5 told me it was the title she chose. WHAT AN HONOUR!

Come on! An artist. An artist that I admire, has picked one of my suggestion. I was thrilled.... And on top of that...I would get a "custom thank you present" from her.

Anyway, please check her art on and spread the word!

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