Thursday, October 15, 2009


I may have mentioned it earlier...or not? Whatever... My three main sources of inspiration are: Music (of course), Fashion (yes) and...the incredible COUNTRY (yes,it's a country to me) of New York Citry (ok ok...too much).

It was love at first sight. Real love, you know the one Mary J. is talkin about!Seriously, the city was mine, rightaway. Since then, I try my best to go back to The Citry at least once a year.

I even got married there....Yes!We tied the knot in Brooklyn,at the Smack Mellon (art gallery). I ve organized the wedding around the source of inspiration mentioned above and we had A BLAST...i'll post the pictures later on.

Last but not the least... Being far away from the city I love is everything but easy. But I m not complaining bout the life I m living. I m married with a man I love and I can meet my family. on a regular basis. However, I think something is missing in Switzerland right now...First letter is N and last is either k. New York State of mind....In Geneva! Fashion, art and music for your entertainment. My new project, stay tuned.

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