Friday, October 2, 2009

Music Consultant for fashion industry

Blog Phenomenon has impressively desecrated the exclusivity of fame so far inteded for elit only. Everyone can now be exposed to millions of internet users without fitting necessarily in the mould of a tyranic editor in chief or an autocratic record company.

That basically means more freedom but also more crap. Whatever...I trust in the natural selection and will read me whoever who wants to read me! I do what I want to do!

Today, I m in the mood for fashion and music. Let me now introduce myself as a Music Consultant for the fashion industry.

Glitter, glamour, obsessions and DUI arrests. A common lexicon that the world of Music and Fashion are passionately sharing.

Kate Moss and her beau, Jamie Hills, Amy is Karl's inspiration, Lily launches her jewelry collection and above all...LiLo becoming Ungaro's artistic consultant.

Some relationships between the two worlds are of course questionnable. Everything is questionnable after all. But similiarities are obvious, bilateral agreements have been ratified and Sex Pistols were not the first.

From now on, I will post my musical selection for various designers. I am going to focus on musical themes for Catwalks, the main target will be to bring together two world that are already very close to each other...This is where the difficulty lies in. "IN THE MIDDLE OF DIFFICULTY LIES OPPORTUNITY" (A.Einstein)

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